Ice Ball Mold & “Ice Fusions”

Do you want a fun, healthy way to increase your nutrient intake, alkalize, detox and cleanse your body, reduce fat and look and feel fantastic? Take a look at this Ice Ball Mold!

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"Ice Ball Mold, Jumbo Ice Balls"We’ll show you how to use your Ice Ball Mold and how to make Ice Fusion balls to flavor and cool your drinks. You’ll learn how to naturally increase your daily vitamin and antioxidant intake by incorporating a variety of delicious tasting fruits & other ingredients into your Ice Fusions balls.

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  • Large surface area of the ice cools drinks fast, melts slowly & lasts for hours
  • Makes delicious healthy fusions for drinks and desserts – Add fruits, juices, teas, coconut milk & more
  • Boost Immune System – Increase daily intake of anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals
  • Fight off sugary cravings, balance insulin, hydrate and balance the body
  • Saves times – Make the ice fusions when you have time, Freeze, label and store for later use
  • Great for entertaining, Your friends will love this idea!

"Ice Balls, Ice Ball Mold "You’ll be absolutely amazed at how convenient and versatile these Ice Fusion balls are for flavoring a glass of water, herbal teas & cocktails and you’ll wonder how you survived without them.

Our FREE video will show you how to use your silicone Ice Ball Mold and share lots of simple, easy and creative ideas with you on how to create your own Ice Fusions to achieve a healthier YOU.

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You’ll use these Ice Ball Mold infusion balls all day long, so why not buy 2 sets to ensure a regular supply of healthy benefits and flavorings.


  • Sturdy, safe BPA free silicone construction makes 2.5″ jumbo ice ball
  • Each set Includes 4 molds, making 4 ice balls
  • 100% GUARANTEED BEST easy to assemble & pull apart ice ball molds
  • Dishwasher, Oven and Microwave safe

"Ice Balls, Ice Ball Mold "

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Fun, Creative, Versatile, Easy, Convenient, Refreshing, Healthy, Long Lasting, Jumbo sized Ice Balls. The Perfect Sized Ice Ball Mold. Simply add water to chill drinks or get creative and add fruits, juices, coconut milk, teas & more, Use to flavor water, herbal tea or cocktails. You can also add leftover stock, fresh herbs & oils to flavor meals!!